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Nick Willoughby Filmmaking for Kids

Nick Willoughby

Nick's passionate about filmmaking and he brings over ten years of experience in a variety of roles in the media industry including script writing, producing, directing, camera and sound operating and acting. He has written and produced a number of award winning short films including Remember Me (2011) and No Pressure (2012).

Nick also runs a production company called 7 Stream Media which produces corporate, charity and story based films.

Nick has a great rapport with young people and his energy and enthusiasm helps to inspire creativity and brings the best out in each student.

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Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies

Founder of Filmmaking for Kids and Film Future, Nick Willoughby, is the author of 'Digital Filmmaking For Kids For Dummies'.

Digital Filmmaking For Kids makes it easy to get up and running with digital filmmaking! This fun and friendly guide walks you through a ton of cool projects that introduce you to all stages of filmmaking. Packed with full-color photos, easy-to-follow instruction, and simple examples, it shows you how to write a script, create a storyboard, pick a set, light a scene, master top-quality sound, frame and shoot, edit, add special effects, and share your finished product with friends or a global audience.

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